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Mashas World Games


Masha`s World - is an application for children and parents! All series of cartoon Masha and the Bear, fairy tales, songs and the funniest moments with Masha in one app! A fascinating game with Masha and her friends will take your child for a long time!- See all series of Masha and the Bear cartoons- See also fairy tales, songs and funniest moments - Play with Masha in 9 educational games; - Visit the houses of Masha and the Bear; - Catch up with the Wolf;- Collect Puzzles and carrots;- Find all animals;
Child games, songs and toons – all in one application. Best episodes of Masha and the Bear funniest moments make laugh all parents and children. Kids of all ages, both school and preschool, like games of the top genre - runners, puzzles and memory games. Application will be suitable for everybody – boys, girls and their parents. You could play and explore the World of Masha with a great fun.
Educational application which is suitable for children of the pre-scool age and comfortable for parents - all family could enjoy it.